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Offers onsite massage / corporate massage in London

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On-Line Shop for Therapy Themed Products And Gifts

On-Line Shop for Therapy Themed Products And Gifts
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In recent years more people are turning away from conventional medicine and trying alternative or complementary therapies. More doctors are now referring patients to alternative practitioners.
Below are a range of Course and Training providers that are available on the fields of Complementary, Alternative and Holistic medicine
Or you can view our range of Teach Yourself Therapies Books

Our directory offers a wide variety of courses, workshops and training for many different complementary therapy skills. For full details of courses, training, workshops etc.select the therapy you are interested in and simply click on the link

Heather Dawn Elemental Health

Hayfield Way
Ackworth, Pontefract
West Yorkshire, WF7 7RH

TelNo: 07931 222414


Reiki 1 Shoden
2 days 9.30 – 5.00 with shared lunch. Plus completion of reflective learning journal for 50 self-treatments
Price: £65 per day (Based on 4 learners attending)

Reiki 2 Ocuden
3 days 9.30 – 5.00 with shared lunch, plus 3 supervised treatments
Price: £65 per day (Based on 4 learners attending) £40 per supervised treatment at HDEH
Plus 2 Days guided learning for practice management and 20 hours home study
(APEL of practice management may be possible by providing evidence, to include ethics; legislation - including health and safety and confidentiality)
Completion of 15 case studies (5 sessions per client) is a requirement of the course.
You will need to receive and keep a reflective learning journal of 47 treatments; some of these can be self-treatment, with a minimum of 10 being provided by another practitioner (this can be arranged with peers by exchange)

Reiki 3 Master Practitioner Shinpiden.
1 day
Price: £200 – 1-1 tuition

Reiki 4, Master Teacher
1 day
Price: £250 1-1 tuition

Please contact regarding dates or visit www.elementalhealth.net

Heather Dawn Elemental Health

Hayfield Way
Ackworth, Pontefract
West Yorkshire, WF7 7RH

TelNo: 07931 222414


Crystal Workshop - 2 days
Price: £65 per person per day
Natural minerals formed over thousands of years resonate with their own individual frequency. Crystals are used in a variety of ways to help restore the natural balance and flow of energy within and around our bodies, promoting harmony of body mind and spirit. This session introduces the
to subtle energies, crystal grids, using a pendulum and balancing the chakras

Crystal Acupuncture - 1 day
Price: £65 per person per day
Pre requisite: learners will need to attend crystal workshop first
This is a non- invasive approach to Acupuncture that utilises crystal energy to release blockages within the meridian system to promote balance of the whole.
You will review the meridians and major acupuncture points and learn how to apply a Crystal Acupuncture treatment.

Please contact regarding dates or visit www.elementalhealth.net

Heather Dawn Elemental Health

Hayfield Way
Ackworth, Pontefract
West Yorkshire, WF7 7RH

TelNo: 07931 222414


Subtle Aromatherapy - 2 days
Price: £65 per person per day
Pre requisite: None, however, learners are encouraged to attend a session on understanding energies or crystal workshop beforehand.

Essential oils are powerful plant essences with wonderful aromas that impact the mind and spirit. During this session we will review subtle anatomy and the energy systems and explore how Aromatheapy can be utilised within this system to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

Please contact regarding dates or visit www.elementalhealth.net

Heather Dawn Elemental Health

Hayfield Way
Ackworth, Pontefract
West Yorkshire, WF7 7RH

TelNo: 07931 222414


Stress Release Massage – 2 days
Price: £65 per person per day
Stress Release Massage consists of a series of techniques based on Thai and other therapeutic massage systems. These are applied to the body in a methodical manner to identify and release areas of physical tension. The body is designed to have fluid motion through the joints, stress release massage is directed towards the areas of persistent tension which lead to stiffness of the joints, these areas require deeper work to enable them to release stored tension.

Please contact regarding dates or visit www.elementalhealth.net

Heather Dawn Elemental Health

Hayfield Way
Ackworth, Pontefract
West Yorkshire, WF7 7RH

TelNo: 07931 222414


Using Positive Words and Creating Affirmations – 1 day
Price: £65 per person per day
Affirmations can be powerful tools to enable an individual to let go of past hurts and embark on a new journey and enjoy life each day.
This session will explore how words and experiences impact on the mind and how we can break this cycle. You will gain confidence in creating affirmations for yourself and to use with others.

Guided visualisation - 1 day
Price: £65 per person per day
Guided visualisation is a form of meditation that promotes a calmer state of mind and develops coping mechanisms. This session explores the senses and guides the learner in the use of description to carry the receiver to a peaceful place where relaxation can be experienced.

Please contact regarding dates or visit www.elementalhealth.net

Heather Dawn Elemental Health

Hayfield Way
Ackworth, Pontefract
West Yorkshire, WF7 7RH

TelNo: 07931 222414


ART of touch
Price: £40 per hour for 2 learners.
Explores how changes in technology have influenced the way we communicate and the impact of touch through applied therapies as a form of wordless communication.
The session is suitable for anyone wanting to support another through touch and suitable for therapists, carers, mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, partners and friends.
Sessions can be arranged for individuals, pairs or small groups and can last 1 hour to 1 day.

ART of Touch Professionals - 2 days.
Price: £65 per person per day
For qualified therapists and members of the general public, explores this subject deeper and covers various massage and gentle touch techniques that can be applied as a treatment.

Please contact regarding dates or visit www.elementalhealth.net

The Reiki & Relaxology Centre
Shelley Street

TelNo: 01942 207302 reikicentre@blueyonder.co.uk

Ray teaches Reiki & Seichem to small groups to promote personal and spiritual development and to a recognised professional level

Area: Greater Manchester
Town: Leigh

Melanie Reiki Master/Teacher and Holistic Therapist

17 Wisdom Drive
SG13 7RF

TelNo: 07771560077

EmailAddress: melaniepitman1@gmail.com

Courses available in Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Masters/Teachers.
1 Day Crystal Healing courses.
Fun Evening Crystal workshops.
Twice Monthly Meditation evenings.

Town: Hertford
Area: Hertfordshire

Lincolnshire Beauty Therapy and Make up Academy

De Aston
Willingham Road
Market Rasen

TelNo: 07745437513


Affordable, professional, flexible beauty therapy, holistic therapy and make up training. At either our Academy in Market Rasen, Great Sturton or on site at you Salon. We offer Reiki, Ear Candling, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Stone massage, All aspects of Beauty therapy and make up

Acorn Seminars Inc.
Address3: GA USA

TelNo: (678) 354-3500 US

EmailAddress: info@acornseminars.com

Acorn Seminars Inc. The Craniosacral Approach CST-1 Basics and CST-2 Intermediate

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy which uses the body's innate ability to self regulate and self heal.
For many years it has been used effectively and safely with no side effects on babies, children and adults for many different conditions.
Renowned Therapist, Jim Green, BS, LMT from Acorn Seminars of Atlanta, Georgia, has taught over three hundred classes around the world including North America, Asia, the Caribbean, Scandinavia and Europe.
He will be presenting the following classes in Dublin which are open to anyone who has an interest in gentle hands-on bodywork - from the layperson to medical disciplines.
600.00 Euro/ 550.00 Euro with early bird discount.Area: Dublin, IRE

Alexander Technique Lessons 

South Petherton
Alexander Technique lessons can help us to get more out of life by bringing out the best in ourselves!

Complete Angel

TelNo: 02392 355455

Complete Angel offers Workshops and Courses for personal and spiritual development, Angel workshops, Reiki 1st, 2nd Degree & Reiki Teaching Master Courses. We specialise in EmoTrance for releasing stuck emotions/feelings and allowing energy/life to flow as it is designed to - simply & beautifully! Stress relief, Self-belief, Finding the Real You, Love Life.

The Alexander Technique College (Brighton UK)
50 Grantham Road

TelNo: 01273 562595
3 yr accredited teacher training course. One year intensive, 1-5 week taster courses and private lessons.

Alternative Therapies
83 Brambletyne Avenue

TelNo: 01273 302 428

Training courses in Reiki healing (all levels), Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), Emotional Freedom Techniques, Indian Head Massage, Psychic Development, Macobiotics, Anatomy & Physiology, Oriental Diagnosis, Cancer - Why not me?

Holistic Ways
26 Dickens Drive
Melton Mowbray
LE13 1HZ

TelNo: 01664 501716

The Gerson Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Naturopathic Iridology, Indian Head Massage, Reiki Healing, Hypnotherapy

Therapists are fully qualified and insured.
Training also available

Guided By Angels
TelNo: 01245 460057
dl@findyour destiny.fsnet.co.uk

Angel Course - Learn more about angels. Learn how to connect, talk and heal with the angels. Includes 7 guided angel meditations on CD.
Home study course. "Inspirational" "Amazing" Visit the web-site for more details ..

Atlantis College of Crystal, Reiki and Sound Healing
Lesley Carol
Atlantis College
Higher Washford Farm
TA23 0NS
Atlantis College runs recognised training courses and consultations in person and distantly.
The College teaches Reiki, Sekhem, Seichem,
Sound and Crystal Healing to teacher degree and for Self-Realisation.

Body Basics School of Body Therapy
42 The Broadway
E15 4QS
London Massage Courses in:
Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy, Sports Massage,
Indian Head Massage, Ayurvedic Massage,
Thai Yoga Massage / Thai Massage, Baby Massage,
Reflexology & Chavutti Tirumal

The Alternative Centre
25 Braybrooks Way
Moulton Chapel
TelNo: 0870 080 1830

Hypnotherapy for Birthing and Fertility, Critical Illness,smoking, Weight Loss, Reiki and Life Coaching
I can help you live a longer and happier life

Alan Crisp Clinical Hypnotherapist
Head To Toe Health Centre
249 Elmers End Road
TelNo: 020 8658 4290

Personal Development Courses with Alan Crisp DHP, one of the UK's leading Hypnotherapaists and Motivational Trainers. Training includes, self hypnosis, creative visualisation, hypnopathworking, problem solving,time management, inner healer.
Beckenham and Bromley

Healing Holistix
21 Briton Road
Coventry CV2 4LF
West Midlands

TelNo: 02476 270367: thais@healingholistix.com

Training & courses in Reiki (all levels) and Crystalistix Energy Healing. See website for current details.

West Midlands/Warwickshire

Heavenly Guidance
"Crystal Cottage"
19 Duncalfe Drive
Four Oaks
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B75 5EX
Usui Reiki Healing
Psychic Day courses
Psychic Development Group Workshop
Introduction to Crystals - Day course s

Jikiden Reiki UK


TelNo: 07792 192135

Having spent 4 years learning and teaching with Mr Yamaguchi in Kyoto, Japan I am now offering seminars throught the UK. I teach this simple and powerful Reiki in the same style as Chiyoko Yamaguchi learned from Chujiro Hayashi in the 1930's. For more information on these wonderful 3 day seminars enabling you to use Jikiden Reiki on yourself and others contact me by phone or mail and I will be happy to talk to you more about them.

Reiki Healing
47 Little Copse Chase
RG24 8GL

Sylvia is a Reiki Master& Teacher in the Usui Method of Universal Life Energy Healing. Workshops take place monthly over one day for Level I & II and two days for Level III
Level I - Saturday
Level II - Sunday
Level III -Sat/Sun
Support Groups are run twice monthly monthly.
For more information please contact Sylvia either by email or call me on 01256 329274.

Jane Phillips KFRP
The Centre of Complementary Medicine
20 Lavant Street
Petersfield, Hampshire

TelNo: 01730 231655

Accredited training in kinesiology. Ideal for those looking for a career change, to enhance an existing practice, to help friends and family or for personal development.

The Heart of England Shiatsu School
23 Albert Street
CV34 4JX 
A range of Shiatsu Training Courses that include the following
Introductory Workshop
Foundation Module
Diagnostic Skills
Practical Skills
Visit our website for full details

Feel Good Zone
 Westerham, Oxted, Surrey/Kent borders

TelNo: 01959 561774

Introduction to Meditation and Relaxation Introduction course. 5 weeks Monday nights through Adult Education. Enrole 01737 788445.
A varied, interesting course covering different aspects of meditation for busy or stressed people.
Techniques useful to reduce stress, for peace and tranquility. Brings healthfulness, better relationships and more.

The Centre for Natural Energy Balance
East Sussex

Reiki Courses for Self Development
Developing Intuition Courses
Healing with Reiki and Chakra Balancing
Auricular Acupuncture
Vibrational Remedies

Skin Care & Body Therapy
Kirk Close

TelNo: 01865 557701

Established since 1995 offers:-
Reiki Treatments & Tuition to all levels
BodyTalk Balancing
Hopi Candling
Indian Head Massage
Healing Subtle Energy Facials
Easy Parking

Portsmouth Shiatsu Centre, Beverley Cattermole (MRSS)
20 Allens Road, Southsea,
Hants. PO4 0QB

023 9283 1554

Tel. 023 9283 1554

Registered Shiatsu Practitioner and teacher of beginners shiatsu classes. Shiatsu, a deeply relaxing and de-stressing traditional Japanese healing therapy can help with a wide range of conditions. It is revitalising, invigorating and enhances well being.


Danielle Sheahan
The West Usk Lighthouse
St Brides
Newport Gwent

Tel. 01633 810126

Exciting courses inc. EVP, Self Hypnosis, PSYCH-K, Su-Jok, Abundance, World Peace etc..

The Hayloft
Palmers Road
Hampshire, PO10 7DL

TelNo: 01243 412499


We run subtle energy healing and meditation courses that care for the body, mind and the Earth. The training is both for personal and professional use in four parts. Find out more at a free explanatory afternoon 13 January 2007 at 2.30 pm.

Heaven-Wise Health
9 St Joseph's Close

TelNo: 01722 341691


Workshops for Personal Development: Angels, Spiritual Growth, Crystal Healing and Reiki


Freedom Of Life
Brock Hill

TelNo: 01268 710707


A centre for personal growth and freedom with over 16 years experience. Offering NLP, EFT, Life Coaching, Emotrance and Reiki to eliminate addictions, pain, phobias, self-limiting beliefs and emotional issues. Courses/workshops also available. Helping you to live your best life!

Cardiff Alexander Technique Services
 34A Amesbury Road

TelNo: 02920458988


The Alexander Technique is a uniquely powerful tool to improve health and well-being and increase your chances of success in all your endeavours. Learn how to get the best out of yourself by learning how to make the best use of yourse

Gill Baxter Courses
154 Garstang Rd
Nr. Preston, Lancashire

TelNo: 01995 602682


Trigger Point Therapy. Approved by CThA. 3 day course leading to qualification. Participants will learn a comprehensive therapeutic approach for the evaluation and treatment of myofasical pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction

The SEED Institute
 10 Manolia Way
Fleet, Hampshire
GU52 7JZ

TelNo: 01252 626448: seedinstuk@aol.com

Aromatherapy Diploma Training, Short taster courses and many post-graduate courses.

Healing Connections

The Farrows
Main Rd, Higham. Alfreton
Derbyshire DE55 6EH

TelNo: 07779 109349

Usui & Karuna Reiki Training and Attunements.
Breathing and Sound Therapies.
Crystal, Esalen and Body massages, Tibetan healing, Meditation,
Herbal wraps

Reiki Training
7 Broadgate
Norwich NR8 6GH

Tel No. 01603 874006


I offer Reiki training at all levels on a one to one basis or in small groups.
I have taught many students since becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2002.
I have developed my knowledge to include original Usui teachings.
Please visit my website and give me a call if you would like to discuss any aspect of Reiki training.

Organisational Healing

190 Wilderspool Causeway

TelNo: 01925 450876



We are running 3 basic ThetaDNA Healing courses in Frodsham, Cheshire this year, May 9-11th, July 11-13th and
November 14-16th. We are also offering a course in Paros, Greece in September.
"I have studied various methods of healing for over 40 years, and have found this to be the most all-encompasing and complete healing I have ever experienced

ITM Alexander Technique


TelNo: 0117 953 8430


Four Year professional Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course in Bristol. ITM also offer fun and supportive experiential workshops for the general public.

Yogi Ma Lakshmi

11 Culm Grove
Kings Heath
Exeter EX2 7QX

TelNo: 07714 167836saleeslight@btinternet.com

Yogi Ma Lakshmi had suffered from M.E (C.F.S.) for over 11 years and has now freed herself from her pain...she can also help you to do the same...with the help of Yoga Movement, Breathing, Diet, Meditation and Philosophy...all the very best to you...payment by donation.

Area: Devon
Town: Exeter



TelNo: 07930 367668


I am a Reiki Master Teacher and offer quality Reiki courses using the Usui Shiki Ryoho teachings. Each month I run Reiki One and Reiki Two courses. Reiki Master level is available by contacting me. I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation and the Complementary Therapists Association. to the above, I also hold a teaching qualification.

Shen Mantra Training

21 Queens Avenue
Flat 3
Muswell Hill, N10 3PE

TelNo: 077 60 41 56 31


Shen mantra is a resource for people, students, practitioners and researchers of Thai Traditional Massage & Herbal Medicine, Yoga, Holistic therapies and worldwide retreats. Our mission is to educate the wider community about these modalties as serious traditional holistic therapies and complementary & alternative medicine.
We offer training in Thai Yoga Massage, Herbal Compress therapies and Yoga, as well as worldwide retreats.

Earth Connection
Cotswold View, Lynch Road,
France Lynch, Stroud

TelNo: 01453 889184/07872 665710


Dowsing and Earth Energies Course - Accredited with the Kinesiology Federation for CPD 12th-14th Sept £300
"Practical and fascinating!"

Area: Gervaise Le Gros Centre, Mont Les Vaux,
Town: St Brelades, JE3 8AF

J'escape Holistic Training Academy

EmailAddress: jestreeter@tiscali.co.uk

Whether you are a complete novice wanting to learn more for use with friends and family or you are a professional therapist wishing to learn new skills to provide new treatments and therapies, we may have the ideal course for you.
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Reflexology
Reiki 1 & 2
Ear Candling
Massage skills for beginners

TEACH Therapy


TelNo: 0845 8726564 (local call rate)


Hot Stones, Thai Foot, Hopi ear candling, Advanced Massage, Indian Head, Aromatherapy. Accredited/insurable courses.Near M4.Free Parking

Therapies on the Wolds
Pole Star
9A Northfield Road
Wetwang, Driffield, YO25 9XY

TelNo: 01377 236659

Thai/Swedish/Indian/Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology,Aromatherapy, Anat/Phys., Hopi Ear Candles , acupressure and more. Small groups taught by tutor with 18 years experience. On-site/on-line options. Dates by arrangement. All courses accredited.

Area: Driffield, but will travel

The Therapeutic Drumming Foundation

TelNo: 0115 9261530

EmailAddress: barry@todrumfor.com

Established the worlds first professional training in therapeutic drumming. Long courses- tasters and CPD.

TEACH Therapy

Tel No.  0845 8726564 local call rate


Quality complementary therapy courses. Accredited & affordable. Experienced tutors.

Area: Newport

Broadmayne Psychology Services
TelNo: 01305 854501

EmailAddress: auberon.finch@tiscali.co.uk

'Working psychotherapeutically with the Body'. A course for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. March - July, 2010 in Dorchester (Dorset). Contact for further details and an application form.

Area: Dorset.
Town: Dorchester

Crystal Healing Light pendants transmit quantum waves of rainbow light to energetically transform imbalances and disharmony in your subtle bodies, to benefit your health and well being

Haven of Peace
Recreation Road
Dereham NR19 1TB

TelNo: 01362 691996 mob 07889934301

EmailAddress: anne@havenofpeace.info

Anne is an accredited tutor for Kundan Mehta of the LCICI in Natural Face Lift Massage. Courses are held over a 4 day period plus one assessment day.

Anne is a Reiki Master & teacher and holds Reiki courses in the Usui sytem of Healing

Gateway to Illumination
25 Broom Av
Pilsley, Chesterfield
S45 8HS

TelNo: 01773 875925

EmailAddress: l.fletcher694@btinternet.com

Spiritual Readings
Meditation Workshops
Crystal and Angel Healing Workshops

Area: Derbyshire

Midlands School of Colonic
Midlands School of Colonic

7 Paulsons Drive

TelNo: 01623 401878 07974692504

EmailAddress: nutrienceclinic@ntlworld.com

Train to be a Colon Hydrotherapist at the Leading Midlands School. Training provides entry to the Colon Hydrotherapy Association based in London and the ablity to practice and gain full insurance. Candidates will require a sound Anatomy and Physiology knowledge to train. A great career for all interested in the newest tool in the health and beauty industry. Our clinic and school works with the newest British built colonic machines to give up to date training.

Paul Francis

TelNo: 0152467009

EmailAddress: paulfran@gmail.com

Workshops and training in shamanism, soul retrieval and shamanic healing. UK-based, affordable and flexible courses at all levels, from intro days to full practitioner training.

Area: U.K.

Tree Of Growth
Leatherhead Ashtead, Dorking
Cobham,Reigate Epsom
and surrounding areas

TelNo: 07948034282

EmailAddress: root@treeofgrowth.co.uk

Relaxation/Stress Management 6 weeks courses and/or weekly 1hr sessions teaching relaxation techniques for mothers groups, business using yoga breathing, visualization, and various other techniques to calm and bring to balance mind body and spirit. Also at venue in Leatherhead

Area: Based in leatherhead and visiting surrounding areas

West Midlands

TelNo: 07973 358622

EmailAddress: gail@innervisions.me

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher offering one-to-one workshops in Reiki I; Reiki II and Master/Teacher level.

Area: Aldridge, Walsall

Comments: Holistic therapies offered include: Hypnotherapy; Past Life Regression; E.F.T.; Emotrance and Tarot readings in addition to Usui Reiki.

Reiki in the City

TelNo: 07956 979 221

EmailAddress: reiki@reikiinthecity.co.uk

Reiki in the City offers Reiki training, Reiki healing and corporate stress management solutions within London.

Students have travelled from all over the world to attend our Reiki training, which takes place at the zen-inspired and extremely hospitable myhotel Bloomsbury

Body Mirror System of Healing
East Sussex

EmailAddress: sjandjp@googlemail.com

Body Mirror Healing is a powerful healing technique devised and taught by Martin Brofman, renowned author and international healer. Learn to read the body as a map, understanding inner causes to outer symptoms.

Area: Eastbourne, Brighton

EFT Training East Anglia
The Days Inn Hotel
Address3: Haverhill, CB9 7AE

TelNo: 0845 123 5162

EmailAddress: John@EFTSuffolk.com

EFT Training East Anglia is run by the husband and wife team of John & Rosemary Digby, both are practitioners and John has been a registered trainer of EFT since 2005. Level 1 & 2, last Saturday of month.

Area: East Anglia
Town: Haverhill

The Shiatsu Centre
35-37 Bread Street

TelNo: 0131 229 0724

EmailAddress: the.shiatsu.centre@googlemail.com

The Shiatsu Centre...for Holistic Wellbeing, Home of The Shiatsu School Edinburgh offers professional Shiatsu training, plus therapies (Shiatsu, homeopathy etc), classes (Shiatsu, chi gung etc) and courses (Shiatsu, Holistic Life Coaching etc).

The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology
020 8391 5988

EmailAddress: info@kinesiology.co.uk

Foundation courses through to Diploma level. Tasters Evening available. Longest running school in the UK.

Area: London

Norwell Health And Training Centre
Perth Airport
Perth and Kinross

TelNo: 01738 550091

EmailAddress: norwellclinic@googlemail.com

:A range of Energy Therapy Courses, with free onsite accommodation included. Training suitable for various Caring Agencies throughout UK

Area: Central Scotland
Town: Perth

Accredited Massage Courses
46 Umfreville Road

TelNo: 020 83470888

EmailAddress: info@accreditedmassagecourses.co.uk

Providing fully accredited massage and healing courses

Area: North London, Finsbury Park

Touch-Learn International Ltd
TelNo: 01889 566222

EmailAddress: mail@touchlearn.co.uk

Touch-Learn's programmes, including their highly renowned Infant Massage Teacher Training is offered at venues throughout the UK. Accreditated by the GICM, CThA and IPTI

Area: Courses across the UK

Brighton Holistics
Warren Road

TelNo: 01273 672 690

EmailAddress: info@BrightonHolistics.co.uk

Brighton Holistics is a Registered and Accredited college for the Guild of Holistic Therapists (GOHT) (BH-51341) and the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) (BH-250907)

Area: Brighton

teach me health academy
111 New St
RH13 5EA

TelNo: 01903 830646

EmailAddress: info@teachmehealth.com

Anatomy Physiology and Pathology diploma courses Nutrition and Diet Course plus other complementary medicine courses available as on line, guided learning or in house practitioner courses

Area: West Sussex, Surrey and UK

Health's Angels
67 Bexley High Street
Kent DA5 1AA

TelNo: 01322 555600

EmailAddress: vanessa@healths-angels.com

Accredited Foundation courses in TASK Kinesiology based in Kent and SE LONDON. Levels 1-6 plus ICV weekend courses. Prof-essional, fun and dynamic training.Pls call for more details

Area: Bexley and SE London

Bi-Aura School of Bio Energy Training

The Bi-Aura Foundation The Rookery Newton Stocksfield Northumberland NE437UN
Regents College London
Bi-Aura Foundation Devon Totnes TQ9 7RZ

TelNo: 01661 844899

EmailAddress: info@bi-aura.com

Fully Accredited Training In Energy Therapy,courses regularly held throughout the U.K. Recognised Diploma Certificte. Working through the major chakra's in the body, one of the most powerful and self development training courses held in the U.K. Courses held over weekends once a month for 8 consecutive months.
Learn to sense feel and see energy. Full details on our website.

Area: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Devon, Midlands, Scotland, Belfast, R. Ireland

Comments: The Chakras
Beginning with the Root chakra and working up to the Crown, each of the first seven weekends focuses in depth on the influence of a specific major chakra and the consequences should it be excessive or deficient. This activates the relevant chakra within the student and evokes any issues associated with it to come to the surface.

This is a transitional period as old, often forgotten, emotions resurface to be addressed. Students are taught how to recognise and process this trapped mental or emotional energy and to release it from their energy field. As their energy fields clear the student's ability to hold energy increases, as do their healing skills.

Entelia Institute at the Open Centre
3rd floor 188 Old Street : London EC1V 9FR

TelNo: 07764 200113

EmailAddress: info@entelia.com

: A 2-day Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshop exploring the somatic brain. This workshop provides therapists with a deeper understanding of the body-mind and how it affects the therapeutic relationship. You will become more attuned to the right brain, which brings insight and intuitive awareness, and to bodily felt energetic connections between you and the client, which enable you to bring your heart, empathy and love into the therapeutic space.

Area: London

Happy Holistic Healing
Blasford Hill,
Little Waltham
Chelmsford, Essex

TelNo: 07958 719342

EmailAddress: info@happyholistichealing.co.uk

Owner and founder of Happy Holistic Healing created in 2001, Samantha has a wealth of experience in the healing arts. Her training and practicing of many different massage, bodywork, healing and meditation techniques over the last 12 years has taken her overseas (especially to India), to discover the Eastern way of health and well being.

Samantha integrates Eastern styles into our Western lives to help us live with a better understanding of ourselves, using many techniques to live a calmer life.

She has a huge interest and commitment in the personal and spiritual development of her clients, students and herself.

She is a very gentle, patient teacher, who has a passion in passing on her knowledge and experience to others. She is empathic and has a relaxed teaching style and hopes that her enthusiasm for each subject is inspirational to her students. She is happy doing what she loves, which is being a part of supporting others on their life path.

The Bi-Aura School of Bio- Energy Therapy
The Rookery
N ewton

TelNo: 01661 844899

EmailAddress: info@bi-aura.com

Fully Accredited Diploma Courses in Energy Therapy held throughout the U.K. & Ireland. Worksing through the chakras, profound and life changing experience, a powerful self development courses, over weekends once a month for 8 months.

Areas: London Manchester Devon Midlands Scotland Ireland

Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training
Correspondence to:
Keldale House, Beal Lane
Beal, N Yorkshire, DN14 0SQ

TelNo: 01977 678593

EmailAddress: debbie@yorkshirehypnotherapytraining.co.uk

Hypnotherapy Training to practitioner level, GHSC validated, compliant with the latest NOS requirements. All you need for a rewarding new career. Taster days available.

Area: various venues around Yorkshire

Therapy Training School
No 1 Artisian House
Artesian Road
Westminster London W2 5DE

TelNo: 0845 226 3132


Our training courses are ideal should you wish to run a private practice as a self-employed or mobile therapist.
Our Diploma courses are accredited by the Guild of Beauty & Holistic Therapists and The International Natural Healers Association.
Our courses are also recognised by many complementary therapy organisations and insurance companies allowing successful students to practice professionally with confidence and integrity.

Area: London
Town: Westminster

We operate in many regions throughout the UK

Angelite Holistic Therapies
The Cedar Clinic
28 West Street,
Buckinghamshire,Sl7 2NB

Reiki I Workshop
Reiki II Workshop
Reiki Master Teacher

Beltain Centre of Natural Therapies
The Beltain Centre of Natural Therapies
The Courtyard
1 Colliton Walk,

Tel: 01305 267069
Professional Hypnotherapy training must prepare you well. This course does that very comprehensively and very enjoyably. Roger Sleet has been training hypnotherapists for over 25 years. T

Devon School of NLP
Active NLP Ltd.
5 Windsor Court,
TR11 3DZ

07832 357208

NLP & Hypnosis Training for Professionals.


78 the Downs

TelNo: 01279830480


Reiki courses and treatments Reflexology, crystal Healing, Hand made-therapy jewels and other therapies

Area: Essex
Town: Harlow

Angel Teacher Training

Lower Stretton

TelNo: 07732 464714


Andrea delivers Diana Cooper Teacher Training Courses on Angels as well as courses and workshops on Angels, Ascension, Ascended Masters and Unicorns.
Andrea also channels Angel Healing, Angel Readings and Angel Therapy sessions and is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Children and Young People.

Area: South Warrington
Town: Cheshire

Dancing Dragonfly
Woodlands Natural Health Centre
Queen's Court

TelNo: 07952 221148

EmailAddress: Louise@dancingdragonlfy.co.uk

Regular courses in original Usui Reiki, run in Derby. Relaxed, small groups and personal tuition.

Area: Derby

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