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Information about Reflexology for the Elderly
Information and benefits of Reflexology as a complementary therapy treatment.

For some years the advantages of using Reflexology as a treatment for the elderly has been recognised as being advantageous.
There have numerous studies carried out in many care homes for the elderly and also on individual recipients. The results have varied but it is agreed that many of the people receiving treatment have benefited both in physical and emotional ways.


Information about Reflexology for the Elderly

Reflexology as a form of treatment is non intrusive it requires the minimum of clothing removal (usually only shoes and possibly socks) and can be applied in a sitting or lying position. It is usually applied by manipulation of the recipient’s feet but some reflexologists prefer to apply it to the hands.
Our feet contain a vast number of nerve endings or receptors that send signals to the brain when we stand walk or generally put pressure on the ground so obvious benefits can be seen for non-ambulatory patients.
Typically the treatment consists of applying pressure to various points on the feet, this pressure will obviously be much lighter and the sessions shorter.
A great deal of illness and behaviour problems are attributed to stress and anxiety. Reflexology being a relaxing and strengthening therapy is ideal for use with the elderly who often display agitated behaviour problems and Alzheimer sufferers will often display anxiety symptoms.
As a result many care homes for the elderly now offer reflexology to their residents.
Besides stress relief reflexology offers pain relief, stimulation of the immune system and improves circulation.
Like babies, older people appreciate caring contact which can improve their emotianol well-being.


Read much more about Reflexology in one of these excellent books.....


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