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Reflexology for Babies and Toddlers
Benefits of Reflexology as a complementary therapy treatment for Babies and Toddlers

(sometimes called zone therapy) is a form of alternative therapy in which the nerve endings, primarily in the feet but also in the hands and ears, are stimulated by specific massage techniques to effect changes in another part of the body and thereby creating health and help overcome disease.

Reflexology has become an increasingly used form of Complementary/Alternative therapy used by adults, it has now grown in popularity to use with babies and toddlers.
This has resulted in Reflexologists who offer initial treatment sessions followed by training sessions enabling parents to apply the techniques themselves


Information about Reflexology and Reflexologists for Babies and Toddlers

Although Eastern cultures have been using various alternative treatments for thousands of years we in the West have been slower to embrace many or the treatments available. However in the last decade Reflexology, as a Complementary or Alternative treatment, has seen a large growth in popularity, use and general acceptance.
Initially most patients were adults but recently we have seen Reflexology becoming very popular for use with babies and small children particularly, in the age range of 2 weeks to two years (if they start before they are crawling or walking they are much more accepting of the treatment and less eager to explore their environment)
Small children are generally less stressed and have not yet polluted their bodies with toxins so they tend to respond to treatment much quicker than adults, there is also the added enjoyment they get from the personal attention, sense of relaxation and well-being they experience.
Reflexology has been used to improve some of the common problems young children suffer from teething, colic, constipation, catarrh, bed wetting, asthma and boosting the baby’s immune system; but probably the biggest plus is the calming and relaxing feelings that result.
Sessions usually last from 45 to 60 minutes and quite typically only one or two sessions are required.
Some Therapists are now offering instruction in what is called “Baby Reflex” or “Baby Relax”, this involves parents or carers being taught the general principles by a qualified reflexologist, this is usually done individually or in small groups.
Unlike baby massage this can be carried out anywhere and helps to calm and soothe the baby.

Read much more about Reflexology in one of these excellent books.....


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